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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garter Yoke Cardigan

I've started going to church at the beginning of the year. I've been talking about it for so long that when my friend, Carolyn invited me I decided to take her up on her invitation. The church is over an hour away but I don't mind the drive (especially with hubby working on Sundays). Why go to a church over an hour away? Mainly because Carolyn goes there. I've known her for a few years now. I also admired her as a person. She is not judging, kind, sincere, warm and has great family values. Everything to admire in a person. Church has turned into a good thing for me and also Jasmine. I get to enjoy hanging out with Carolyn, make new friends and at the same time get "something" out of the sermon. As an added bonus, Jasmine likes the nursery/daycare there and that's a big plus!

You may be wondering why I even brought up church. It does have to do with my Garter Yoke Cardigan. My goal was to finish my cardigan by Sunday and wear it to church. (Though people are very "dressy" at this church, I figure what could be better than wearing a sweater I made with love for myself)? I'm happy to report that I did finish my sweater last night around 9pm.

The Garter Yoke Cardigan is from the winter issue of Knit.1 magazine. It's an easy knit but I did have trouble on one part of the direction. I just wasn't sure if I was interpreting the directions right. Anyways, it was a pretty fast knit. This was also the first time I used double pointed needles to knit (the sleeves). I'm very happy with the way this sweater turned out. Here's a photo of me I've taken this morning before church and a photo of my beautiful Jasmine in her new dress!


and my beautiful daughter:

Update on my lacy ruffled cardigan. I did remove the cuffs/collar and ruffles on the bottom. I also shortened the length. I like it a lot better now. I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law while she was visiting. Here's a photo of the final cardigan:


Trina said...

I LOVE you garter yoke cardi, it looks stunning on you!

And i'm glad you like going to church, it is a nice place to meet lots of nice new friends :)

2BSewing: said...

Your cardi looks beautiful on you. Great color!

I enjoy going to church, too. I agree, you get the chance to meet some wonderful people and make new friends. I am now the informal photographer at my church. It has opened up new doors for me (I'm an introvert) and a lot of people want their pics taken.

crochetgurl said...

I love your garter stitch cardigan! It looks so good and stylish on you.

And Jasmine looks cute in her dress too. Glad to see you're posting again. I love reading your entries. :-)