Marathon 26.2


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fresh Fruit

This weekend I decided to take a short road trip. On the way, I passed several fruit stands. I couldn't resist all the signs that screamed out at me "Fresh Peaches, Tree Ripened." What better than a fresh juicy peach? So on my way home, I stopped and got a bag of peaches. I couldn't wait to bite into the peach but to my big disappointment, they were not sweet at all. I attempted to make a peach cobbler but I was a big failure. I used splenda which is not good for baking and also unsweet peaches. (In fact, splenda is not good for any type of baking, hence the last bagel disaster)! Next time, it's regular sugar for all my bake goods. Anyways, I have 3 peaches left and I'll slice them up and add them to my yogurt for a special treat!

Recently, we also purchased a 4 wheeler. My daughter loves riding on it. It's nice to be able to see our whole property. We discovered that we have several blueberry bushes along with blackberries! Last night, I picked a bunch of blackberries and I've been enjoying them by the handful! I may opt to try making a blackberry cobbler later.

I have not made a lot progress on my knitting. I have less than 10" done for my top. I had to undo several rows because my cables didn't flow. I probably still need to undo a few more and see where it goes. I may jump back to my anisette cardigan and seam all the pieces together.

This morning, the whole family went over to the park. There's a walking/running trail there. I thought it would be good for the family to get some exercise in. I ran 2 miles (3 times around the trail) and hubby walked about 1 1/2 miles with my daughter. It was good to get up early and get some exercise in for the day!

An update on my goats. I'm really enjoying them. I was thinking when hubby went out to buy them, they were going to be the minature ones but these 2 goats have really grown on me! I find myself going out to feed them corn and carrots. They are getting more comfortable with me where they will come up to me and take the carrots from my hands! I now have 1 dog, 20? chickens and 2 goats! I hope to add some sheeps in the future.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Wow, my last post was back in July of 2010. That's a long time. I guess I got busy with LIFE.

My little girl has graduated from Kindergarten! Her ceremony was this Monday. Thursday was her official start of Summer vacation. Where has the time gone? It turned into a great year where she had the best teacher and paraprofessional I could ask for.

My daughter is awesome with computers. We discovered a few years ago that she learns extremely well with computers so we've been buying different education games. When her teacher suggested that we buy her an ipad around Christmas time, I wasn't so sure. I had no idea what an ipad, ipod, 3 G etc were. After doing some research, I am now very familiar with all those items and terms. I bought my daughter an ipad then decided an ipod may work better for her. (She loves both). I have actually grown to love the ipad which we share. I've loaded a lot of educational and DORA apps for her while I surf the net and play games. I never thought I would be into gadget but I can see how useful they are. I find myself using them alot because there's such a wealth of information at your finger tips. The best thing is that with a touch of a button your on the net, no waiting. Instant gratification!

Today, we added 2 new additions to our family. We purchased 2 goats. We've been talking about getting them for some time now and finally we did. We have a big property for them to eat the shrubs! Hopefully, they will also keep the snakes away too! I hope to add sheeps eventually so I can learn to spin yarn!

Speaking of yarn...I still enjoy knitting. I must admit that my knitting has really slowed down. It's hard to believe that I use to be able to knit a sweater in 2 weeks, now it's a month or more. I though with my daughter being in school, I'd have more free time for with my knitting. I get busy or just plain lazy. I also find that I'm so much more pickier with my choice of patterns. My patterns are free or purchased online. If I have to buy a pattern book or magazine, most of the time I just skip it, all together. Maybe I'm just moving on to the next phase of knitting and I need to come up with my own designs or pattern? Anyways, here's a few of my favorites that I've knitted. (I've fallen in love with cables, they are currently my favorite things to knit)!

The green sweater is called Valpuri, the gray sweater is the Star Cross'd Love Cardigan and the Red Skirt is called Carnaby.

My current knitting projects are the Anisette Cardigan and a cabled top. I am done knitting all the pieces for the Anisette Cardigan. I just have to sew the pieces together and then pick up stitches for the front band. I started the cabled top today. I'm basically winging this one and picking out a cable design I like and adding/changing some things to it. Hopefully, it will turn out nice in the end.

Well, I think that's it for now! Hopefully, I'll start to blog a little more regularly now and I'll be able to catch up on other people's blog too! :)