Marathon 26.2


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Count Down to Preschool and My 3+ hour sweater

My daughter is starting her first day of preschool tomorrow. She was signed up over 2 weeks and during that time, I've been a wreck! School was cancelled on Monday because they didn't get the permit from the Fire Marshall. So tomorrow, bright and early I'll be bringing her to preschool! Did I say I was nervous? It will be the first time she's "really" away from me. With our family being so far away, I take care of her 24/7. We're very attached to say the least!

So for the past few weeks, I've been teaching her some discipline, playing computer preschool games and trying to potty train her! She's a champ and a quick learner. It's all going well. She's very sharp! I'll probably blog more about her adventures in preschool later!

I also need to complete a 6 hour course for my Broker's license. I've been too busy lately to even start. I have a few months, so I'm confident I'll get it done way before then.

I'm still working on my lush and lacy cardigan from Sweaterbabe. It's a very pretty pattern. After (of course) another slow start and countless frogging, I finally got the pattern. Once I did, it started to go pretty smooth. I finished the back pretty quick. I started the front and somehow did too many repeats and it got to be too long. I ended up frogging some and decided to start on another project. I've been itching to start something else and I finally did. I wanted it to be quick, a hat maybe? But I found a sweater pattern, called 3 hour sweater, 1940ish? (pattern downloaded from Ravelry). Of course, it took me well over 3 days... I used a bulky yarn instead of the recommended weight of yarn. I also used a size 10/12 and 11 needle instead of the 15. I like the concept of the sweater but it's not a great fit. Mostly because of my gauge because I had no idea on the sizing so I guessed. The ribbing on the top and sleeve didn't quite match up! I also had a hard time seaming the arms, it looked terrible. I finally settled for a crochet seam. It's still not perfect but something I could live with, instead of tearing the whole thing a part! I also did a single row of crochet around the neck line. It's a cute sweater, just needed to make it a bit smaller. Here's a photo (not blocked):

Now I can get back to my lush and lacy cardigan. Wish me luck tomorrow! Did I mention it was also Hubby's Birthday too?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waves Hem Skirt

I finished my crochet skirt today. I really wasn't sure if I would finish this. After finishing up on the bell curve skirt, I was ready to start my next project. But...seeing my unfinished skirt, I decided to concentrate on it for the last few days. I'm happy to say, it's finished. The pattern is from the march issue of Crochet, Today! I made it in a small/medium size with some modifications. I did random decreases once I started the waist. I also left off the elastic and did 3 rows of half double crochet instead.

The skirt is a little big still and I don't think the fit is very flattering on me. Next time when I make a skirt, I think I'll go for a less of the A-line look and a straighter skirt.