Marathon 26.2


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waves Hem Skirt

I finished my crochet skirt today. I really wasn't sure if I would finish this. After finishing up on the bell curve skirt, I was ready to start my next project. But...seeing my unfinished skirt, I decided to concentrate on it for the last few days. I'm happy to say, it's finished. The pattern is from the march issue of Crochet, Today! I made it in a small/medium size with some modifications. I did random decreases once I started the waist. I also left off the elastic and did 3 rows of half double crochet instead.

The skirt is a little big still and I don't think the fit is very flattering on me. Next time when I make a skirt, I think I'll go for a less of the A-line look and a straighter skirt.


crochetgurl said...

i don't think it looks that bad on sorta has a hawaii-ish look to can pretend to be a hula girl :-)

ChelleC said...

Wow you crochet fast too! I like the other skirt you made better in terms of fit, but this is nice too.

Debbi-a1 said...

Beautiful skirt! Thanks for sharing your version.