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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crocheted Toddlers Dress

I finished weaving in all the ends early this morning. This is the pattern from:

Essentially, it's the above pattern. I didn't know what size the pattern was for. My daughter is a 2T-3T. I used a K size Hook using RH Super Saver Yarn in Peach. After starting on the arm area, I realize this was going to be too small so I made the arm area bigger. For Row 5, I hdcs in next 6 Vst, then skip the next 10 Vsts at each end. I also did 2 increases, 1 at each end for the next 3 rows. The increases were made in the arm area. I also did extra rows of 2hdc prior to color change and also after the color change. Finally, for the arm and bottom trim I did 4 dc into the Vst (for arm) and into the hdc for the bottom. For the trim around the neck, I switched to a smaller hook, size I. I added a bow and flower to my dress.

I didn't tighten the stitches after the start/end of each row which made it a bit uneven in the back. I probably could of made the dress even longer for my daughter too. These are good lessons to learn for my next dress! :D Overall, it was an easy crochet. Best of all, the dress looks adorable on my beautiful daughter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Daughter's First Egg Hunt

I took my daughter to her first egg hunt this morning. (It was for children ages 2 to 4 which is perfect for her). It started out a little cool but by the time we started the egg hunt at around 10:30am, it had warmed up nicely. It must of been in the high 60s. I wasn't sure if my daughter would enjoy herself but she loved it! I gave her the easter basket. She was holding it and playing peek a boo with it. So cute. When they led us to the field, and the kids went after the eggs/toys. My daughter picked up her first egg and threw it! After that, she got the hang of it and picked up 3 to 4 more. I tried to get her to pick up a toy but she just looked at it so I picked up it up for her and put it in her basket. Okay, so I cheated a little but why not! It was a hugh success. I was so glad my friend showed up too. She helped take some great pictures so I can remember this wonderful day!

Here's a photo me (very proud mom) and my beautiful daughter picking up one of her first easter eggs!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Wardrobe

In keeping with the spring theme, I crocheted another elegant shell. This was made using the "I Love This Yarn" in coffee. I used 2 skeins with a size H hook. Very fast, a total of 3 days but could of finished it in 2 - left off a row so it messed me up on doing the arm part. Spent an evening and some of the morning trying to figure out what I did wrong. Another lesson re-learned, do not try to do crochet project while I'm tired and frustrated! (Unless I'm doing straight mindless crochet w/o shaping)! I took a short nap and then figured out I left off a row and got the pattern to work. Back on the right track... I loved the yarn I used. So soft and sooo inexpensive.

I made the long trek with my daughter to Hobby Lobby on Saturday. It was about 1 1/2 each way. I finally bought some I love this yarn (in coffee , 2 skeins of RH in peach and 3 skeins of sinfonia). I was looking for cotton yarn for my next project. I must say that I was really happy with the I Love This Yarn. The consistency of the yarn was great and it's so soft. Not to mention the price. I was very impressed with this yarn. I may go back again this weekend or next to buy some more. I liked the color selection too.

I'm still putting off my orchid top. I'm going to make yet another Oh so easy, beginner's tank! This time I may try it in a cotton yarn from my stash. I'm a bit nervous since someone else is trying out my pattern. I hope there's not a lot of mistakes in my pattern!

I'm taking my 2 year old daughter on an easter egg hunt on Friday! Her very first, I'm so excited! (I wish my husband could be there but he's working) . It's at the lockerly arhboreum. It's a beautiful place and I'm sure there will be lots of flowers in bloom. The egg/toy? hunt is for children ages 2 to 4, which is just perfect for her. I can't wait to see my daughter hunt for easter eggs! I'll post all about my adventure next time! Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knit Tank, Take 2

I finished my second Oh so easy, beginner's tank today. I made some slight modifications on this. I made the shoulder straps slightly shorter and ribbed the bottom and neck. I was going to crochet the edges but decided against it. I'm pretty happy with the fit. It was such a beautiful day today, mid 70s - I probably could of wore my tank out today!


To add ribbing: Rib the first 4 rows. To do this:

Row 1: Cast on 60, K1, P1, K1, P1... all the way to end.

Row 2: K1, P1 to end

Row 3: K1, P1 to end

Row 4: K1, P1 to end

Row 5: Work Stockinette Pattern for 14 inches. Knit 1 row, Purl the next row...

To rib the neck area:

Follow directions for arm shaping from PATTERN on previous post until AFTER you finish the 1 decrease on each end. Then:

A. Purl Next Row

B. Knit 10 stitches then put stitch marker start of next stitch. (Rib) K1, P1, K1, P1...for the next 30 stitches, put stitch marker on the last stitch (#30), then knit the last 10 stitches.

C. Next Row, Purl 10 stitches to marker, then K1, P1, K1, P1 to last marker, then purl last 10 stitches.

D. Repeat Steps B and C one more time!

E. Knit first 10 stitches, remove marker and bind off next 30 stitches. Remove last marker.


Now continue with directions (on making straps) from the Oh so easy, beginner's tank.

THESE Patterns have not been tested. Again, I'm not a designer (yet) so any problems please contact me and I'll try to help you. Thanks!~

**I can email you the "oh so easy, beginner's tank pattern" for easier printing!

I've been putting off my orchid top. Maybe I was trying to figure out what I yarn I was going to use to crochet this top. I have decided to use a size 3 crochet thread in a bridal white. Now it's off to do calculations and a swatch before starting my top!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pattern for "Oh So Easy" Beginner's Tank

I was looking for an easy beginner's knit tank top but I couldn't find one easy enough to do. After some trial and error. I came up with this. It's very easy. Best of all it's done in a worsted yarn and a size 9 needle so it's a pretty fast knit!

Pattern is for a size small/medium only. Small will be a little loose while medium will be form fitting!

Oh So Easy, Beginner’s Tank

Questions or problems, contact me at Ravelry or Crochetville under Jasmom! Good Luck.

Size 9 circular needle (I recommend, easier to use) but you could use a size 9 straight, 6-7 oz. of worsted weight yarn (I used 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver), needle

Stitches used
: Knit, Purl, Binding Off, and Decreases in Knit (Put 2 stitches on needle and knit as 1).
Gauge: 16 stitches and 22 rows = 4 inches (done in stockinette: K 1 row, P 1 row)


Front and Back are identical. Make 2 then sew together.

1. Cast on 60 stitches on circular needle (do not join) or straight needle. Knit the first row and Purl the second row (Stockinette Stitch). Continue until piece measures 14 inches, ending with a purl row.

*Ends will curl. You can block with a cool iron later to smooth the ends. You may rib the first 4 rows to prevent the ends from curling. (To rib, K1 stitch then P1 stitch to end for each row, start next row also with a k stitch and then p the next stitch for a total of 4 rows). For this particular tank I made, I did not rib.

2. Start of arm shaping: On the next Knit row, bind off first 2 stitches on each end. For the next purl row, also bind off 2 stitches at each end.

3 Knit the next row, and purl the next row.

4. On the next Knit row, decrease 1 stitch at each end.

5. Continue with stockinette pattern until piece measures 2 inches from start of arm shaping ending with a purl row.

6. On the knit row, make sure you have a total of 10 stitches done in knit then start your bind off (#11 stitch is the one that is actually start the bind off), bind off until you end with the last 9 stitches on your right needle. You will have 1 stitch on your left needle from the bind off - now knit those last 9, giving you a total of 10 stitches total on each end of the needle.
7. Purl the first 10 stitches and attached a separate piece of yarn here for the next 10 stitches and purl the last 10 stitches.

8. Continue with stockinette pattern until piece measures 6 inches from the beginning of bind off (straps).
{Again, you may want to lightly block with a cool iron because ends will curl AND you can make the strap shorter if you prefer, 5 or 5 1/2"}.

Now do the same for the back piece!

9. Sew shoulders and side seams. Weave in all ends. (Optional: doing a single row of single crochet to make the neck and arm area). I did not for this tank.
Straps: 6 inches (you could make it shorter if your prefer)
Arm Shaping: 2 inches
Length of Tank: 14 inches from below arm to bottom of tank
Width of Tank: 16 inches across