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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crocheted Toddlers Dress

I finished weaving in all the ends early this morning. This is the pattern from:

Essentially, it's the above pattern. I didn't know what size the pattern was for. My daughter is a 2T-3T. I used a K size Hook using RH Super Saver Yarn in Peach. After starting on the arm area, I realize this was going to be too small so I made the arm area bigger. For Row 5, I hdcs in next 6 Vst, then skip the next 10 Vsts at each end. I also did 2 increases, 1 at each end for the next 3 rows. The increases were made in the arm area. I also did extra rows of 2hdc prior to color change and also after the color change. Finally, for the arm and bottom trim I did 4 dc into the Vst (for arm) and into the hdc for the bottom. For the trim around the neck, I switched to a smaller hook, size I. I added a bow and flower to my dress.

I didn't tighten the stitches after the start/end of each row which made it a bit uneven in the back. I probably could of made the dress even longer for my daughter too. These are good lessons to learn for my next dress! :D Overall, it was an easy crochet. Best of all, the dress looks adorable on my beautiful daughter!


Gina said...

Hello...You have been tagged, read my blog!

crochetgurl said...

your daughter looks so cute in that dress!