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Friday, March 21, 2008

My Daughter's First Egg Hunt

I took my daughter to her first egg hunt this morning. (It was for children ages 2 to 4 which is perfect for her). It started out a little cool but by the time we started the egg hunt at around 10:30am, it had warmed up nicely. It must of been in the high 60s. I wasn't sure if my daughter would enjoy herself but she loved it! I gave her the easter basket. She was holding it and playing peek a boo with it. So cute. When they led us to the field, and the kids went after the eggs/toys. My daughter picked up her first egg and threw it! After that, she got the hang of it and picked up 3 to 4 more. I tried to get her to pick up a toy but she just looked at it so I picked up it up for her and put it in her basket. Okay, so I cheated a little but why not! It was a hugh success. I was so glad my friend showed up too. She helped take some great pictures so I can remember this wonderful day!

Here's a photo me (very proud mom) and my beautiful daughter picking up one of her first easter eggs!


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Gina said...

Happy Easter!!!! I love the pictures...she looks like she is having so much fun (and you too) Enjoy the day!