Marathon 26.2


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy ( belated) 4th Birthday, Vacation and Knitting

I been so busy, I thought I'd take a little time to relax and write a short blog! I got home yesterday about 12:30pm from vacation. We had been on vacation for about 10 days so it was nice to be home!!! I was able to get some laundry done, dishes, grocery shopping, (some) unpacking, hanging up clothes, and getting Jasmine ready for her 1st day back to school today! I'm happy to report she had a good day at school!

Vacation was a bit stressful, especially toward the end. It always is stressful running around trying to spend as much time with ALL our families and friends. We had several get together for Jasmine's birthday and we even took her to a playland. She got to ride her first merry-go-round, which she loved!

My latest FO is the Bamboo Cable Top. I took the bamboo cable pattern from the "READY SET KNIT CABLES" book and made it into a sleeve-less top. I decided to make this into a v-neck and kept the 2 garter stitches around the neck line. The back was done all in garter stitches too. I'm a bit disappointed with my seaming though. It's noticeable but next time, I'll knit this in the round to eliminate that problem.

Here's a photo of my top: