Marathon 26.2


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today started out really nice. I picked some veggies in our garden and I really enjoyed the nice morning. I brought my daughter to the park around noon and by then it was a scorcher! It's hard to believe at the end of September, the temperature was in the 90s! It was so incredibly hot, I thought I was in the middle of summer! I'm glad to say that tomorrow is suppose to be a lot cooler. Yeah, I'm ready to wear more of the sweaters I made! During the cooler weather a week ago, I actually wore my fall eyelet top and shell top. I'm starting to appreciate the things I made and I'm looking forward to wearing more of the items I made. Here's a photo of me wearing my shell top last week! (I'll probably revamp this top and add some long sleeves)!

I finally finished my bell curve skirt today. The pattern is from It is a great pattern. It's my first skirt and I'm really glad I finally made one. I was a bit nervous because I'm between size small and medium. I opted to make the medium. I used about 5 skeins of the Lionbrand Woolease in Burgundy. The waist band was knitted in a size 7 needle and the rest of the skirt was done in size 9 needle. This skirt seemed to take forever! The star stitch, though very pretty is very hard on the hands. Half way through, I started to knit really loose the row before the star stitches and that made my life easier! I did get a bit discouraged in the beginning because it was taking so long that I started another skirt project but in crochet. (That by the way, is also on hold). I also finished the baby outfit for my sister in law. I'm glad I didn't get discouraged and decided to concentrate on finishing this project. Overall, it was an easy pattern to follow. My gauge is slightly off so the skirt is slightly longer. The skirt is a bit big on me but with the added elastic waist band, it's a good fit. I would of prefer a less of a flair on the bottom too. Hubby said it looks good so I'll take his word for it! It's such a pretty skirt. I'm still in the process of blocking it as you can tell! The bottom was curling up so I wet it down. I got too impatient that I had to have hubby take a picture of me in it ~ wet or not! I'll post another picture when it's dry! :)

Finally here are photos of my skirt fully blocked:


Krystal said...

Kudos to you for pushing on to complete it! Looks great!!


crochetgurl said...

your FOs are beautiful! i especially like the skirt because it was one of the patterns that caught my eye in the latest knitty...

what state do you live in?...i live in southern california and it was so hot last night that it was really hard for me to get any sleep :-(...i remember last year, by september, things were cooling down

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Thank you Krystal!

Crochetgurl: I live in GA. It's finally cooling down, it's in the 40's this morning but it'll get up into the 80s by lunch!

ChelleC said...

That skirt is darling on you! Your projects really are well done and are very attractive.