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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kelso Lace Cardigan DONE DONE DONE!!!

I finished knitting the Kelso Lace Cardigan on Monday. The cardigan was a bit small so I really needed to fully block it. I anxiously waited 2 days and finally my cardigan is ready! I'm so excited. This is by far the hardest pattern I've ever done. I started this sometimes in the beginning of March. I did not know that doing 5" of the neck shaping and attaching sleeves would take so long and be so difficult. I think it was really hard for me because I had to figure out when to do the decreases, especially trying to get the right and left front to match. Honestly, I'm a lazy knitter. I like pattern where everything is spelled out for me. I want to be able to zone and watch TV while I knit. But...I don't always choose the easiest patterns. I just simply love lace and I have to work at it. It's well worth the effort and I'm proud to be able to actually knit this!

As always, I'll be trying to decide what my next project will be. I already have a few in mind. It will probably be the Molly Ringwald or the Path Cardigan. I realize that I have quite a few pattern I purchased and I need to use them! I'm also trying to use up the yarn in my stash before I purchase more...but we'll see how that goes. I'm already itching to buy more yarn!

Here's a photo of my kelso cardigan: (You can see the lines from the shell underneath...I probably should of wore another shell but the color was a perfect match)!


crochetgurl said...

Yay, you're finally back to blogging! :-) I love your cardigan! And you did such a good job. It's funny how I recently completed a light purple sweater too. We're knitting twins. Hehe. :-)

Trina said...

This is gorgeous! Congratulations on tackling a difficult project :)

Krystal said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! And I love love LOVE that color too!!!

Great work!!! Give yourself a High 5 for that one!

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely!!!!!!!!

betty said...

It's really lovely! I have never seen that pattern before. I'm thinking of adding it to my queue. It would be a great summer cardi.