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Sunday, March 8, 2015

My 5th Half-Marathon Completed

Yesterday, I ran in a half marathon.  This was the 5th half marathon I completed since September.  I first embarked on my half marathon training in June after completing a 10k.

The past 2 half marathon races have been great races.  I went into the races feeling very calm and have done well in both races.  I must admit that I have gotten too relax in my training routine because I got too comfortable.  I have been keeping up with the "running" part but everything else I neglected.  Running a race also requires mental training.  I have been neglecting that along with being too relaxed on my vitamin/supplement and getting acupuncture treatments for my injured Achilles.  (Not everyone requires the last part but for me it is a vital part to keeping me healthy).

I have been comprehensive about this upcoming race.  It is a small semi-local race.  It is a Run for Christ series and I have enjoyed running these races.  (They are small races but well organized).  My comprehension about running this race is that 1/3 of the race has hills, lots of hills.  Ugh!  Also my last long training run of 3 hours of approx 18 miles was the toughest run ever (or so it seems).  Anyways, I have not been running my best these past few weeks.

On race day, packet pick up was a breeze. At 8:30, I was lined up at the start line (4 mile, 8 mile and half all started at the same time). I did not warm up or stretch a lot before hand so I was a bit stiff for the first 1/2 mile.  The first 2 miles went okay and at miles 3 to 4 it was hilly. Mile 6 and 7 were challenging with even more hills.  Around mile 7 was the turn around and I was not looking forward to the (more) hills on the second half of the race.  I regret not taking more walk breaks during the first half of the race because I found the second half of the race to be very challenging.  I didn't have as much energy and I felt I ran at a much slower pace.  I just wanted to be done with the race!  I did however, kicked it in on the last 50 yards.  Overall, my time was about 8 minutes slower than my previous 2 races.

I'm glad I did the race.  It is a good experience for the marathon I am training for in May.  There will be lots of hills!  Next time, I need to stick to my plan, that means walk breaks, at least stop for water at every water station ~ every 2 miles. Don't let my ego get in the way, and run smarter.  Stick to my training regime, all aspect of it!

That's it, keep up my training and keep prepare for my marathon in May!!!!

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