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Monday, July 30, 2007

My Husband the NEW 2007 Rimfire Sporter National Champion

It's been quite an exciting month. My hubsand is the 2007 Rimfire Sporter National Champion!!!!!! This was his first time competing in the National match in Camp Perry Ohio and I'm very proud to say, he WON!!! It is sooo awesome. I'll have to post some photos later. The website is (for the T class under Rimfire Sporter Results).

As a reward, we took a mini get away to Ft. Myer, Florida. It was very HOT and humid. We got to see our uncle, aunt, sister in law and nieces. We took a nice boat ride along the intercoastal water ways and saw some dolphins up close! We didn't see any crocs or manatees this time.

On the way to Floriday, (long 9 hour drive), I made this bag. My 2 beautiful nieces are holding the bag for me! I made another one while I was there but I didn't like the color. I gave this bag to my sister in law.

I am half way through with the short n' sweet bolero but I decided to take a break from it. I found out I had the first print of the SnB and there were several typos in the patterns. No wonder, I couldn't get it to come out right! I finally just improvised and got it to work but now I'm bored with it and I'm gone on to another project. I started the Baby Empress Top yesturday. I'll keep everyone posted of my progress with that top.

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