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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lacy Days of Summer Top Finished

Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day! I finished the Lacy Days of Summer Top late last night.
Wow, this top took me a long time! Over a month. I did start several projects in the middle of it all. I finished a baby blanket, started knitting and almost finished a vest (except I ran out of yarn). This has been quite a learning experience!
I definately consider myself a novice crocheter. Tackling an experience pattern were trying at times. After several attempts, I finally got the front to look somewhat like a circle! From there, I crocheted the back and went on to do the arms and finally the sleeve. I was excited to sew the pieces together. To my disappointment, it was too large. It looked like an off the shoulder shirt! I thought I was going to have to scratch this and start everything over. I decided to take a break from it. After several days, I decided that I could try and undo the pieces. I was able to salvage the sleeves, surprising. I didn't realize how well of I job I did trying to weave in my ends. It took me 2 other tries to finally get the sleeves right, where it fits me. I was glad to say that I finally have the top done.
I still wasn't sure if I wanted to make it into a baby doll top or the dress. As I worked the rounds to the dress, I was starting to get worried. It seem to be getting too wide too quickly. After about 8 to 10 rounds, I ripped everything out! Frustated again, I decided to put this on the back burner. In the mean time, I asked for help from a member of crochetville for some help. Thank you for her help! I decided to re-start again on Wednesday. This time, I made sure I was not increasing when I worked on the dress. It went pretty quick from there. I decided that I was going to make it into a baby doll.

I love this top! It's worth all the frustation I went through. It's a beautiful top. I really love it.

I'm so excited to have finished this so here's a picture.

As a reward, I went to Hobby Lobby in Warner Robins (about 1 hr 40 min) away and bought myself 8 skeins of yarn, 4 in purple and 4 in peach, 1 pair of knitting needles and a stitch counter. I deserve it! I'm glad my husband's so supportive of my crocheting and allowing me to buy all the yarn I want. What a great husband!
***********It's amazing what we crocheters and knitters can do with a ball of yarn!***********

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