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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Easy Shrug

I finished this today. I started this project while I was doing the Not so Tangerine Top and after that the pineapple and shell skirt. I used Caron's Simply Soft in Autumn Red again. This shrug was as done in all single crochet in the back loop. It was "easy" as the name suggested. It went pretty fast considering it was all single crochet. I used a size "K" hook and only 2 skeins of the simply soft. This shrug is from the Positively Crochet book by Mary Jane Hall.

This was crocheted into a "T" shape and then sides are sewned together. The sides I sewned together are not according to directions! I'm happy with the results, it just makes it different! My shrug is more squared off at the bottom, where Mary Jane's rounded. I'll just have to make another one and this time, I'll try using a varigated yarn!

Here are some photos:


Mary Jane said...

I love the "Easy Shrug" in red! It looks good on your too! Thanks for posting it :)

Lesalicious said...

Very cute love your easy shrug so cute.:) you done great.