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Friday, October 12, 2007

Whiter Shade of Pale Car Coat

This is my latest finished project. I finished it tonight. I probably could of finished it a few days ago but ended up re-sewing the collar a few times.

I started this project on Sunday, Oct. 7th. I finished the back on Sunday and crocheted the front on Monday and on Tuesday finished the sleeves. On Wednesday, I sewed all the pieces together then on Thursday, I crocheted the collar. I spent yesturday and today on sewing the collar on so the "edges" wouldn't show too much! I think that was the hardest part for me! I ended up using needle & thread in the end. I also had to adjust the length of the collar twice, it just wasn't long enough to go around the whole coat!

I knew I wanted my next project done using Bernat Softee Chunkee Yarn (weight 5). I had a bunch of this yarn in my stash from when I had frogged a previous project. I searched the net and books but couldn't find anything that used this yarn weight. I had seen the "whiter shade of pale car coat" from the Lion Brand catalog and I liked this coat. Pattern here: They used Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn in a size 6 weight. I figure I would try it anyways using the yarn I had. I had the schematics so I figure I could crochet it to the size indicated and if I didn't like it or if it wasn't working out, I would just frog the project.

I used a size "K" hook and I wanted to make a size small. I had to make some changes to make up for the difference in yarn size. I followed the size for medium and added 4 more rows for the back to equal 18" total for the length. For the top half of the back, I added 2 more rows to get it to equal 8 1/2". For the front, I made the same adjustment. The sleeve was a little more work because I wanted it to look right when I added the extra rows. Rows 1-5, per directions then I repeated row 5 again. Next, the directions said for rows 6-13, repeat the last 4 rows, for 3 sets. At the end of each set, I repeated row 5 again. That gave me the extra length I needed. Total of 18 inches. I thought I needed to make the sleeves longer but it ended up being too long so I frogged the extra rows. Finally, I crocheted the edging and collar and sewed the collar on!

This was an "easy" pattern. I thought it worked up really fast! I used 5 -6 balls of The Bernat yarn in Medium Sea Green. I didn't like the collar as much, maybe because I had to sew it in. To me, I can see the seams :( Next time, I may leave the collar out and do a different edging around it.

I really do like this coat. It's not too heavy which means I'll be able to wear it during our mild winters! I'm really happy that I could make this coat work with the yarn I wanted to use!

Thanks for reading the details of my project! Now here's a few photos: :D :D :D


Gina said...

That is a real beautiful sweater. I actually, really like the really finishes it off nicely. How did you learn to make garments? I would like to try, but I am really clueless on how to assemble a garment.

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Hi gina:
Thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my blog! It's so much appreciated!:D :D :D
I actually started seriously crocheting this time last year when my mother in law was here. She showed me. (I tried it a few times before). I made so many "granny square blankets", got bored, then made some "easy Shawls" and from there on I just searched for a pattern I liked and made my first wearable which was a cardigan from "lion brand". It was hard, a lot of tearing out and re-doing but what a sense of accomplishment when I was done. Now, I just look for something I like and I follow the patterns. It's not always easy and I usually end up tearing out what I did a few times until I get it right. If I had questions, I'd ask other crocheters from crochetville. I would be happy to help you if you had any questions! Good luck on making your wearables. I find it so rewarding!