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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Autumn Hey Teach Sweater and Ravelympics

I finished my Autumn Hey Teach Sweater yesterday. This is a free pattern from Knitty. I downloaded it from Ravelry. When I saw this sweater, I fell in love with it and I had to start on it right away. The bottom half was easy to do. I had a lot of trouble with the top bodice on the back because of the lace and the shaping. It was mostly following the chart and on row 7, I just couldn't get it to work. I realize about 4 days? into the project that I didn't like the yarn color I was using and my s2k was wrong. What to do? I decided to re-start using a different yarn and needle size all together. On August 1st, I re-started my project using a teal colored yarn. I had 7 more days to complete this before Ravelympics! Once again, I was stuck on row 7 of the pattern but I finally got the back bodice done. Thanks to fellow Raveler's, I knew there was an error in the pattern so I reversed the 1st set of stitches with the last set for both the front and left. (Front left said to k 3, follow pattern then k 6 instead I: k 6, follow pattern and knit the last 3). It made the pattern look more like what the designer had done in the photo. Next because there wasn't enough stitches, you were suppose to omit the yarn over. It wasn't coming out right. What I did was still follow the pattern and for the last 2 stitches, I slip 2 and knitted them together. This way, the pattern flowed and looked like what it was suppose to! I was happy to say that the right side was a piece of cake!

I wanted to make this sweater slightly different, with a little bit of me in it. I decided to rib the sleeves and do the trim in black. I wasn't sure how it would look. After knitting the trim in black, I decided the neck line needed more black, so I did 3 rows of (single crochet) sc. I also did 3 rows of sc on both sleeves and 1 row of sc on the bottom. Then it's sewing on the buttons and weaving in all my ends. Boy was there a lot of ends to weave in! I have to add that this was one of the best seaming job I've done! :)

Ravelympics started at 8am on Friday. I was suppose to start my vest for the vest vault. I am making the modular vest. It's cool looking, knitted in miters. I SHOULD of been working on my vest on Friday, but I spent all of my time on Friday trying to finish the hey teach sweater! I did finally start my vest on Saturday. I haven't devoted too much time to it yet, but I'm confident I'll have this done in time!

Anyways, here are a few more photos of my Autumn Hey Teach sweater. I'm very proud of it!


ChelleC said...

I LOVE the black trim on the button band etc. What I'd say is that it makes the little sweater "pop" in a good way. It is eye catching and attractive. It is much cuter than if you'd done it all in blue. Love it!

crochetgurl said...

your cardigan looks gorgeous! do you finish projects so quickly? :-)

btw what's ravelympics?

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Thank you ladies. I'm so happy to finish this sweater.
Chellec: Thanks! It was fun trying to make this sweater a little different! :)
Crochetgurl: Ravelympics is done through Ravelry. You had to start a project on the 8th and finish before the end of the olympics (17th?) I was extra motivated to finish this so I could start on my vest.

maceknits said...

Wow, you made Hey, Teach so fast! I agree, the teal really "pops"! Looks great.

belle said...

I am working on this pattern currently and finally got through the back and now working on the front. I end up having an extra stitch on my set up row are the last stitches suppose to be K3 instead of K2 and also when you are working on the fronts on you suppose to only knit the repeats in the lace pattern and have the knit 6, knit 2 or 3 on each side? any info you can pass on to me would be great!