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Monday, August 11, 2008

Jasmine's 3rd Birthday

Today is my precious daughter's 3rd birthday. Reflecting on 3 years ago, I tried to have a home birth. My water had broke on the 10th around 5:30 (right before leaving work). No major contractions that night or most of the next day. Then that night (11th), the mid wife though baby might of been breached so hubby rushed me to the hospital. A record time of 15 minutes when it should of took over 30 minutes. We didn't want to know if it was a boy or a girl, but I had a "feeling" it was a boy. Well, as you know it's a girl. The last things I said before I out from the drugs was asking the doctor if he was sure it was a girl and that I didn't having anything pink! I woke up shortly after 11:30pm and held my beautiful girl in my arms. It's been such a great journey with her so far. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow up. What a great joy she is!

For her 3rd birthday, we decided not to head up north to visit with family. We were there in May. We decided to do a nice family thing, small and intimate. We brought her to Chuck E. Cheese. She had a blast. She loves to run and she had a great time playing the machines and going on the rides. Just the smile on her face really made me happy. For a cake, we got her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. We've finished the day off with her outside enjoying some pool time. It's been a perfect day for us! :)


ChelleC said...

She is a doll! And 3 is the best age. Seriously, every year is great, but 3 is an extra special year for sure. If you keep a journal of any kind, be sure to write down the cute things she says during this particular year. I am STILL laughing at the things I jotted down when my daughter was that age. Happy Birthday Jasmine!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! Doesn't the time just fly?