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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Road Race on Friday

Today, I sent in my entry form to run in a road race on Friday. It's a little scary since I've only started running (again) about a month ago. I've been running about 2 miles at least 4x a week. This will be a 5k. It's also going to be an evening race, at 7pm so I hope it won't be too hot! Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees on Friday. Wish me luck and I'll blog my experience next time!

I've started a summer project using a sports weight yarn. It's called Kourtney. Pattern found here: I started this on May 28th and I've been lots of progress on it already! I already have about 21" knitted! Stockinette Stitch goes fast for me and I've been a bit obsessive about knitting this thing! I'm currently working on the bust shaping and will be working on the straps this evening. I hope to have this done in the next few days. I thought this would be a cute top to wear during my vacation to Florida later this month.

Photo of my progress:

I had this pink yarn in my stash. I knew that I had 4 balls of a darker pink and 2 balls of the lighter pink. I thought that I could do the bottom band and the ruffles in light pink. As it turned out, I had 3 shades of pink! Luckily for me, I used the middle shade of pink for the bottom so I think it may be okay. I'm anxious to get this finish because I'm curious of how it will fit. I have not seen a photo of the top actually be worn on a (real) person.

So far, I'm enjoying my summer vacation. Already it's been hot but that's to be expected in this region of the country! I'm looking forward to doing some road trips this summer.

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