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Friday, September 19, 2014

Crochet Top and Running!!!!

Today was my first run in almost 2 weeks.  My last run was at the half marathon.  I have been letting my Achilles heal getting daily acupuncture treatment and taking herbal medicine to repair it.  It helps to have a family member who is licensed Both in Acupuncture and herbal medicine!  I have been taking it easy for some time now, even before my half marathon race.  My Achilles has not been hurting and I was going to take a few months off.  After talking with hubby, he suggested I go for a run and see how it feels.  Makes sense to me, especially since he is the one who is the voice of reason and has lots of knowledge on sports injury.

This afternoon, I set out for my favorite running trail.  I wanted to run 4 miles, if possible and see how it goes.  I didn't want to get injured so I set out at an easy pace.  I actually felt good during the first 2 miles. It felt great to run again.  After mile 2, I took a short 1 minute walk break and resumed my running.  Mile 3 and 4 also went well and I finished at about 4.65 miles according to my runkeeper.  Taking 2 more 1 minute walk breaks before I was finished.  My Achilles felt fine after my run.  I am hoping tomorrow it will still be feeling good, that will be the true test.  I have been icing it, just in case.  I'll just have to wait to see how it feels tomorrow!  It's nice to feel hope again that I may be able to run my half marathon in November!  If I do, I will train smarter this time and not over train!

My crochet/knitting has been on the back burner since I've been concentrating on running.  The crochet top, "In The Shade" has been on hold for a while.  I started this crochet top in late July.  I think I also got bored with the pattern.  Yesterday, I decided to finish the last few row.  It is now complete!  Here it is:

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