Marathon 26.2


Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 K Road Race Win

Yeaterday, I did a 5 K for 4 H road race with my MIL.  This was the smallest race I've ever ran.  I am estimating 15-20 people??  It was close to home and I do a lot of training here.

Being a small local race, it did not have a race timer.  The race would be 2 loops on the walking trail and marked with blue chalk.  I was confused about where to turn but I figure I would follow the other runners!   At 9 am the race started and it was starting to get hot.  I found myself towards the front of the small pack of runners.  There were 2 other runners ahead of me and I was the first female runner so far.  I was exciting how well I was doing in this race.  I wanted to win first overall female so I kept up my pace and even ran faster at certain spots.  I did not look back to see where the other runners were.

I did not pass or see any other runners/walkers during the race except for the 2 other runners ahead of me during the start of the race!  

I was the first female to finish the race and the top 3 finisher.  This was the first time I won the overall female category!  I am your average runner so a win like this was awesome!

Unfortunately, I let an incident upset me at the race (even though I was able to resolve it before hand).  I let it overshadow my win and instead focused on my frustration yesterday.

Today, I woke up feeling better and not bitter..  I do not have to hold on to negativity forever!  I think my marathon training really helped me to work on being more positive and not to hold on to negativity (for too long)!

This has been a specular month for me.  Completing my first marathon and winning the overall female.  There is only one "first" marathon and my "first" time winning the top female runner so I should and will relish in my success.  

Today, I choose to be positive :)

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