Marathon 26.2


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shrug This #3

I finished this today. It took about 4 days. I was trying to get it done because I have a crochet project in mind. I seem to be doing better every time I knit! I actually got the ribbing done around the collar, sleeve and bottom this time! I had to frog the ribbing 2xs on the bottom because the 1st slip stitch threw me off so I just decided to skip it and do the knit, purl rib. I cast on 52 stitches instead of 53 for easier ribbing and it made the sweater too small. I have yet to block it, hopefully it will fit better. I used less than 1.5 skein of Bernat Softee Chunkee in Grey Heather. I really enjoy working with this yarn. The yarn is easy to work with but I wish there were more varieties of color. I may have to try another type of bulky yarn. For now, I think I will put the knitting on hold. Honestly, I think I'm a little burnt out! I've knitted 3 of these things in about 3 weeks! Not bad for a newbie in knitting. I'm proud of myself though! For now, I will be going back to crocheting.
There's a dress I want to make in the new issue of Crochet! Magazine. It's a dress by Doris Chan. I'm really excited. It's so pretty and best of all, it uses one of my favorite yarn, Caron's Simply Soft and only 3 skeins! I'll have to start on it today or tomorrow. It always seems like I'm in the mist of a project. Which I am, I feel kind of lost if I don't have a project to do!

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