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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Crochet, Knitting and YARN

I should be in bed but I just finished up on my 2nd project of the year a few minutes after midnight. I had been dragging my feet on the Side to Side Cowl Neck Sweater. I got bored with it and then I tried knitting for a few days. Finally, on Tuesday I sewed up the sides and on Wednesday I finished the sleeves. Today I weaved in all the ends and washed the sweater. I'll post a photo of the sweater tomorrow w/ details. In the meantime, I also started a new project on Wednesday evening. (I bought more yarn AGAIN, this time I bought 5 skeins of the Homespun all in different colors)! I'd been obsessed about learning to knit a wearable and I saw this pattern called the interpretation of Anthropologies's Caplet. I LOVE this caplet. It is super cute. I set out to knit this but it's too beyond my capabilities right now. I was discouraged but I was not ready to give up on the Caplet. After some looking around, I found someone had done a crochet version of this! Yeah, I was so excited. The pattern is from : I hope I have the correct link.

Thanks to that wonderful person for posting the pattern! I'll post more info. tomorrow.

Here's a photo of my finished caplet:

Lately, I've been on a yarn shopping spree! In one week, I have purchased a LOT of yarn. I have replenished my stash and then some. I have been buying different yarns and some just one skein. I'm on a one skein kick...I want to make wearables w/ only one skin. Simple and fast projects. Just like this one I just completed. I've also purchased several knitting books and of course, 1 of them is called 100? one skein projects. (I'm still waiting for my book, Every Day Crochet). I'm not giving up on crocheting. I LOVE crocheting and find that I've learned so much in just over a year of crocheting (its brought me so much joy, fulfillment and satisfaction). I want to expand my horizons and keep learning and growing as a person :)

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