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Monday, December 31, 2007

One of my New Year's Resolution

I've been admiring all the knit sweaters in magazines that I've decided that I'm going to learn to really knit and make some wearable. I started yesterday trying to knit and purl. Today I went out and bought another pair of needles (size 11), a learning to knit book, a knit gauge and of course a bunch of yarn. I bought about 8 skeins and 6 of the skeins in variegated colors. I want to make a shrug. I LOVE the wearable called the Reversible Winter Caplet but it's too hard for me right now. I know it said it's "easy" but it's beyond my skill level right now. I am an absolute novice. I know how to knit and purl (I have to cheat and keep looking at the directions) and that is about it. In the meantime, I'll keep practicing and look for a beginner pattern in some type of wearable.

There is no new progress on my side to side cowl sweater. It's done in all hdc and I'm so bored with it. I have to sew the sides and finish crocheting the 2 sleeves. I may go back to my crocheting tomorrow and finish it sometimes this week.

We'll be staying home this New Year's Eve. It will be a nice and quiet evening for us. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! :)

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Gina said...

Happy New Year! You are switching to the other side...hehehhehhe. Good luck knitting. I gave it a shot this year, but decided I can expand on my crocheting skills first, before I dive into knitting. Have fun!