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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Count Down to Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yulp, Christmas Eve baby. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Hubby is going to take us out to a nice dinner. Then it's Christmas, it seems to come up so quick!

I was going to try to finish this sweater, the Lush Cowl Neck Sweater. My goal was to have it complete by my birthday but I'm not sure if I will get it done. No sense in stressing myself out.

I used Patrons Devine yarn in making this sweater. It's a very bulky yarn, the pattern actually calls for a lighter weight mohair yarn but I decided to go with this. This is the first time using this yarn. It is a pretty yarn. There are good and bad w/ this yarn, the good being it's so soft (hubby said it looks like a big ball of cat) and the bad, of course it's hard to see the stitches (and the design of the sweater. I still need to weave in all the ends and crochet the cuff for both sleeves. As you can see, I decided to add some black to kind of give it some definition, instead of a big red fuzzy sweater.

Here's what I have so far:


Lara said...

First, what a beautiful sweater. I can't wait to see it done and being worn, I bet it looks great!

Secondly, you did the right thing. It is so hard to walk away when we want to show someone how wrong they were, but that is God's job, not ours. God will bless you for your obedience, just as he blessed you when you were wronged.

Dh's birthday was the 23rd, so we went out last night for dinner and a movie. We always try to make it super nice, since it is hard to have a birthday so close to Christmas. I hope your birthday is extra special!

Gina said...

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your dinner. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.