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Monday, December 10, 2007

My Current Finished Crochet Wearable

This is my current finished project. It is called the Lush Lace Pullover. I started this while I was (and still am) working on the Circular Shrug. I had purchased this yarn, Wool Ease, to make another frou frou but decided against it. This is the first time I used Wool Ease, and I just love it. It was soft and easy to work with. I wanted to use a pattern specifically for this yarn. This is from a free pattern from the lion brand website.

I used 5 skeins of the Wool Ease in wheat. It is crocheted with the J hook in a size xs. My guage was off, so it's actually a size small. I was a little intimidated by the pattern at first because it was an "experienced" pattern but it's a fairly easy pattern. The were only a few minor changes I made. For the cluster, I did not use the last loop of the triple crochet and I only made the funnel neck 6" instead of 8".

I'm happy with the fit and it doesn't feel "too" heavy. I probably would of wore this out today but it's in the 70's today but feels like it's in the 80s! Sorry folks - to those who are in the cold country!

Here's a photo of me in my new pullover:

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Gina said...

Beautiful pullover. The color is nice and it looks fabulous on you. I can't imagine 70' is freezing here...lots of sand trucks on the roads today because it is so icey.