Marathon 26.2


Friday, December 7, 2007


It's been a fairly busy week. Thanksgiving is behind us and my Birthday and Christmas is right around the corner. I have not started Christmas shopping yet but I will probably buy most of the gifts on line!

My computer was down last week! Yikes! I'm so loss without it. We bought a new computer but ended up returning it! It took a long time to load up a page. The program in it is NOT really compatible with dial up. (There is no DSL in this area and we were considering satellite internet). I love this computer so I decided to get it fixed.

Crochet has been put on hold for most of last week. I have 2 projects I'm currently working on. The circular shrug and the Lush Lace Pullover. I can't seem to get motivated on the circular shrug. Maybe it's all the single crochet stitches. I only have to sew up the sides and make the 2 sleeves! I've been slowing getting back to the Pullover. I'm about 75% done! I love the wool ease I'm using and it's an interesting pattern. I'll write more about it on my next blog post.

Here's a photo of my daughter in one of her Christmas outfits. She's soooo cute!

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