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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Denton bible media and Yarn

I purchased a set of CDs for Christmas from the Denton Bible Church Media Ministry. Last year a friend give us 6 months subscription and I have to tell you it's one of the best presents we ever received. Tom Nelson, the pastor is awesome. I love to hear his sermons. It's not like he's preaching and he's sooo down to earth. The CDs I purchased are the sermons on Ecclesiates. I have to say it's our favorite and Tom Nelson does such an excellent job on them. Sometimes during dinner, we'll put one in the CD player and listen to it while we're eating. I'm not usually one to preach but these are really awesome. You will not be disappointed. I just can't say enough about it!

Now on to yarn...I received B'day and Christmas money (my request) so I could buy yarn. Since my yarn stash is very very low, I've been doing a lot of browsing! I have not really purchased any sigificant amount though. I just purchased what I needed to finish my last project and caron 1 lb. yarn in blue. I've been looking through books, magazine, internet to find my next project. I found some projects I'd like to do but I couldn't bring myself to spend $100 on yarn for a single project. I'm too frugal and this is suppose to be my "inexpensive" hobby. Yesturday, I did finally find a couple of projects I'd like to do using Simply Soft and RH Super Saver. So today, I spent about $13 in yarn (4 skeins in Simply Soft and 2 skeins in Super Savor for 2 projects -not counting the 3 skeins I have in my stash). Not bad for 2 projects. With all the money I saved, I can buy a lot more yarn and not feel guilty. Maybe someday I'll splurge and buy the really expensive yarn but for now, I'm happy buying the more affordable ones!

My daughter on Christmas opening presents :)

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