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Monday, December 24, 2007

My birthday present to me

I finished my lush cowl neck sweater today. I finished the last row of crochet and weaved in all the ends on my way home from my birthday lunch. Lunch was delicious and I even got to stop in at Michaels to buy some yarn. (A very nice lady gave me a coupon for 50% off but I didn't use it - I passed it on to another shopper). What a wonderful day :) Hubby even made my favorite birthday cake this morning - strawberry whip cream. Yum! I can't wait to have some after dinner!

Anyways, back to my sweater. This sweater is from the book Fabulous & Flirty Crochet by Katherine Lee. The pattern called for a light weight mohair yarn but I made it with a chunky weight yarn. This was my first time using Patrons. The yarn is called devine. I love the softness of it. It wasn't as difficult crocheting with it as I thought it would be. I got use to crocheting more by the "feel" of it then seeing the stitches. I love the red I used but after finishing the back and front, I felt it needed something (looked like a big ball of red fluff) so I decided to make the cowl neck black along with the trim on the sleeves. I did make some modification on the sleeve trims. Since it's such a bulky yarn, you can't see the stitches so I decided to do 6 rows of double crochets instead of 27 rows of sc in back loops. I'm happy with the way it turned out and it saved time from having doing all those single crochets! You know how I love them sc :0( !!! I used a total of 6 skeins. 4 in the royal red and 2 in the sky black.

It pattern was easy to follow and I really like the look of the sweater.

I'm not crazy about the fit only because of the bulky yarn I used. It was a fun sweater to make and it worked up pretty quickly.

Anyways, here are photos of my birthday sweater:


Gina said...

Yeah....sounds like you had a fab can you not? Cake and yarn and family....what a great combo. Sweater looks great. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas....I sure did.

Lara said...

It tooks so great finished. I love the colors and the black really accents the red. I don't know how you do it. I have never actually made a wearable for me, so I am terrified of it.