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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Sleeve-less Mini

I finally finished this last night. I have been putting my crochet and knitting aside for the past few days (and even longer for crochet, a few weeks). I think I got bored/unmotivated with my crocheting. Besides that I find crocheting and knitting takes so much time away from my daughter! This has been a month long project. It probably could easily be done in less than a week.

There is no pattern for this mini really (I tried to take some notes while I was crocheting this). I was inspired by 2 of the clothings I made previously. I like the rib look from the side to side cowl sweater and the stitching from the circular shrug, so I kind of modified and incorporated the 2 items into this. I knew when I started out, I wanted this to be an easy and fast project. So instead of all hdc for the cowl sweater, I used all double crochets. For the middle, I wanted it to be different too so I modified the V stitched used in the circular shrug. Instead of 1 hdc then a sc, I used dc and sc into one stitch. I made the neck (cowl) part shorter, left off the sleeves and added length to the sweater and made it into a mini.

The yarn used for this project was Carons simply soft in pink heather. I had originally purchased this yarn to make a short cardigan but decided against it. It took a little over 2 skeins.

This was done with a size K hook. Easy. It was meant to be a project that would work up fast, using a large hook and mostly dc.

I took a photo of me in my mini yesterday. It was getting late and I couldn't find any black tights or stockings but here's a photo:

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Gina said...

Very Cute!!! I try to crochet in the evening when the kids go to sleep...less interruptions:)