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Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Short n' Sweet

I finished this last night. It took a little over 10 days. Crocheting really has not been a top priority where every free minute is crocheting. I usually crocheting in the evening when my daughter is setting down and getting a movie or two. I was a little nervous that I may not finish this on time. Yesturday, I crocheted both the sleeves and weaved in the ends last night.

It feels good to get this done. I'm glad that I'm not stressing today to finish this. Normally, my M.O. is to wait until the last minute but not this time. I even started cleaning the house a week ago and just doing some cleaning every day! Change is good. Anyways, my mother in law will be in later this afternoon. I sure hope she likes it and it will be a good fit!

This is made with 1 big skein of red heart super saver in cherry red. (I wanted to use a different yarn but I didn't like the selection of red colored yarn at Walmart). Later, I ordered some red yarn (and my new harmony needles) from Knit Picks but I decided to just go ahead with the red heart. This is crocheted using a size H hook. I had some trouble with the 1/2 shell increase on the front but I printed the diagram which really helped! Crocheting this the second time around, I was able to pick up the pattern pretty quickly.

Here's a photo of my Valentine Short n' Sweet, maybe I can get a photo of my mother in law wearing it later!

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