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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lacy Ribbed Top

Yesterday I went to the farm with my friend, Carolyn to buy some fresh corn. Yum. There's nothing like sweet corn picked that day! With the corn we bought, Carolyn taught me how to make cream of corn. I didn't realize how much work that is. I can now proudly say that I can make cream of corn! I still have close to 50 ears left, so I'm be making some rounds today and giving corn away to friends!

I've been talking about running for the past week now. Yesterday, I finally went for my run! I had carbo load the night before (a big bowl of pasta). It was a good run, considering it was my first in a long time. I was able to run for about a mile and a half, which I did stop once to tie my shoe lace before going up the hill! I was pretty proud of myself.

I have not been doing any crocheting. I started the avalon top a while back but I have not picked it up since I finished the motifs. I don't enjoy crocheting as much as I do knitting. I have since started on the sexy vesty by CanarySantuary. It's an easy and fun knit. I'm enjoying it so far. I'll probably have to do something different for the neckline and armhole ribbing because I don't have enough yarn.

My latest FO is the Lacy Ribbed Top. When I first saw this top in the July 2009, Creative Knitting Magazine, I fell in love with the top. There are a few things I'd change about this top. The size of my yarn overs (p yo k vs. k yo p) and the noticeable line during the increases on the shirt and the sleeves [which is part of the design after futher examination]. I was hoping that I would be able to fix the different size holes of the yo by wrapping the yarn all the way around, making a very loose yo and blocking but everything that I tried failed. For the noticeable increases, I think in the future I would do 3 rows of straight K and P before continuing the P3 together, yo. I think this might make the holes on that particular row less noticeable, therefore making the line less noticeable too? Hum...

I used 3 skeins of the Caron Spa in coral for this top. The yarn has a nice sheen to it but it does tend to split easily. Overall, I do like the yarn and it's so affordable, so I can't really complain! :) I used a size 5 knitting needle to do the whole project. I thought I had changed to size 6 needle after the neckline but later realize it was a 5. No wonder it looked small. Fortunately, with a good blocking I was able to fix the sizing issue.

This was another good pattern that was easy to understand and knit!

Here's a photo of my top:


crochetgurl said...

It's beautiful and fits you really well! I never gave this pattern a second look until I saw your version. It's funny, but I've been looking at Sexy Vesty a lot recently on Ravelry too. Can't wait to see yours. :-)

Trina said...

This looks gorgeous, that colour really suits you :) I look forward to your next FOs!

Nalamienea said...

wow you really pump out the knit wear! I love it! :)

2BSewing: said...

Once again, a beautiful top. That's a wonderful color you've used. The Spa yarn is sooooo soft. You are an enabler...I might buy a few skeins to try out. ;)