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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maple Street Cardigan and HATS!!!

I had been procrastinating on my Maple Street Cardigan for a while now. I was a bit reluctant to finish this because I was afraid it wasn't going to fit right and the front band had to be seamed. On Saturday, I was determined to pick up my cardigan and work on it. Unfortunately, there was a power outage due to a thunderstorm. So instead, I worked on another hat! I had to finish my hat first but I did finally work on it on Monday. Instead of knitting the front band, I decided to crochet the band. What the heck, if it didn't work out I could always frog it and follow the directions then. I was surprised at how much I liked the crochet band. I ended up crocheting 5 rows of single crochet (approx. 1 inch) on each side. This gave me the extra inch or so I needed to make it a better fit. I also decided to crochet 2 rows of single crochet around the neckline to prevent it from rolling. I'm actually thrilled with how this came together. Now I'm wondering why I was so afraid to finish this!

The pattern for this cardigan is from the Fall Issue of Interweave Knits Magazine. The photo actually showed a cropped version and I decided I wanted it to be longer. I increased the length to approx. 24" and lengthened the sleeves too. The other modifications I made are: knitting the sleeves on a size 6, 16" circular needles instead of DPNs and crocheting the front bands and neck. I also left off the ruffles. I really LOVE the ruffles but in the end I decided I would get more wear from this if I left it off.

In the last few week I was getting discouraged about knitting ~ so I wanted to knit up something fast and easy. I decided to make some hats. So what if I don't really wear hats...? I started on the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat. I was thrilled that the hat was working up so quickly. I could finish it in 2 days of easy, no pressure knitting! How thrilling. And I was able to use yarn left off from my lush and lacy cardigan. I was hook. I immediately started on another one. This time, I made it a bit smaller since the first one was too slouchy. My third hat, I started during the power outage. It was kind of interesting trying to knit with a flash light! I decided to use the general pattern idea from the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat but add some lace to it. I still had the pattern from the #100 Little Lacy Vest so I used the falling leaves lace pattern. Making these hats were fun and I think it got me back on track to knitting!

Hat #1:

Hat #2:

Hat #3 (Not Blocked):


Trina said...

They are all very lovely FOs - I love the lacy hat you made at the end!

crochetgurl said...

Wow, you're a FO machine. :-)

I especially love your Maple Street Cardigan. Your longer length looks better than the magazine version. For me, cropped sweaters are kinda hard to pull off. :-)

crochetgurl said...

Thanks for your support. :-)

Unfortunately, it didn't really go over that well at the potluck. People were too scared to try it (I work with mostly older, Caucasians). And I was really hurt and seething inside when I heard a woman who was seated right next to me talk to another coworker. She said "I'd never eat Asian food because you don't know what they put in it." It offended me so much and depressed me. There's no way they didn't know there's an Asian person sitting right there! I don't mind that they don't eat Asian food, but I thought it was extremely rude to say that in front of me. Grrrr.

Another coworker (white) brought Vietnamese spring rolls (technically Asian food, right?) and nobody questioned if there were "blood and guts" in her dish. Sigh. They're never getting homemade food from me again. Next time, I'll just bring chips. :-D

Kat Land said...

Beautiful and inspiring--all the garments you've done!
Wow! You are a "knitting machine!"
I will "copy" your finish of the Maple Street Cardigan; to crochet around the neck and front--had been thinking of doing just that when I saw yours! So glad I did--nice finish!
PS--I'll have you Asian food ANY DAY--Bring it on!! lol