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Friday, July 18, 2014

Easy Friday...

This is going to be an easy day.  A light weight training workout and no anticipation of my long run tomorrow of 10+ miles.  There will hopefully be good things to blog about tomorrow after my long training run :)

Yesterday, I ran for 80 minutes on the treadmill.  A good deal of my runs are done on the treadmill because of convenience and sometimes just life circumstances.  Sometimes, I have to push through those thoughts in my head that makes me want to quit.  I was able to push through them and have a good run at my usual pace.  I feel so accomplished!

Today, I decided to do something else that I!  I have been wanting to try out something I found on pinterest.  Recently, I found Nutella (again...I remember having it long ago).  I spread the Nutella over fresh dough then cut and braid!  It looks complicated but it couldn't be easier. With the left over dough, I made hubby's favorite, calzones with meat and cheese.  The house smells great!  Here's a picture before it went into the oven:
Nutella bread idea from Pinterest and my Calzones

In between going shopping (wanting more running clothes) and taking my daughter swimming, I have been crocheting on my pineapple top.  I am a bit concerned about the sizing but I am going to keep going until I get the whole pineapple motif done.  I'll decide then if I can make this top fit or if it will be way too big.  Wish me luck! 

Ready to take my stuff out of the oven.  Yum:)

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