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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Training for my first Half Marathon, craft talk, and life

It's been 3 years since I posted on my blog and recently, I decided to revive my blog!  I am still knitting and crocheting but just not at the speed in which I use to.  Life has gotten much busier with me being a full time teacher to my daughter, training for my first half marathon and finding my love for sewing!  Oh yeah, and my addiction to candy crush!

Lately, my mind has been focused on running.  I eat, breath and think about running a lot.  It is nice to have a new goal to work for!  My last race was in June, the 10k Torture Trail run.  I have been running for most of my life but started running regularly again 3 or 4 years ago, mainly 5k.  I was
nervous about this race because I have not been running the longer distance and the hills!  I am happy to say that I did well and felt strong enough to sprint to the finish.  3rd place for my age group.  Look at my beautiful hand made stain glass award.   After the race, I decided it was time to proceed with my new goal of training for a half marathon.  (It has been my dream to run the New York City Marathon)!!!!  Since then, I have been increasing my mileage every week to get ready for my first half marathon in September, Run like a Diva Half Marathon.  Next time, I will blog more about my training.

My latest knit project is the Icarus top (above).  This is the first item I finished in a while.  It was a fun top to knit with the right amount of lace.  I had some trouble with the sleeves so it was heavily modified to fit me.  My only complaint was the 1 ball of yarn that was a different shade of orange. ...

At times, I feel a bit unproductive because I do not have a project on hand so today, I started a crochet top.  It is not really a pattern but a chart of the top.  I always love pineapple tops so I really wanted to make this.  The chart does not come with any other information so I am hoping that a fingering yarn on a size c hook will fit me.  I hope to finish this by September so I can wear it at the expo before my race!
Marifu6a crochet top chart

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