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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never Say Never...

Never say never. I never thought I would have my own blog! Here I am entering my first entry. I have a great day with my daughter. I'm in the process of starting a new crochet project. Always looking for that new project to stay busy...
I started a crochet a long, so far it came out awful. I'm not sure to keep going or start yet another project. I have several unfinished projects.

Finished my first bolero. I'm an amateur. I only started really crocheting about 6 months ago. (I attempted to make a blanket before that but my husband said it looks more like a hammock!)
My mother in law taught me how to do a granny square blanket and then I was hooked.
I crocheted 6 -7 blankets from Oct. to Dec. Then I got bored and made several shawls. My next project was a cardigan followed by vest (couldn't really get the sleeves...). Finally, I'm on to amigurumi. Love it, I belong to several web sites and I have learned so much.
I better take this time to start a new project while the baby's outside!

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