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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Story behind the Baby Blanket I made

I started a baby blanket a while back but I didn't finish it. I got side tracked and worked on other projects. I really didn't like it after I was 3/4 of the way through...
Well, I figure I had lots of time. My sister in law's due date wasn't until May 30th to June 1st. No problem. On Monday around 8:30pm, I found out she could have the baby any day now! Okay, that's a problem. I have not started on the new baby blanket. I had this green/blue baby yarn I bought for another project but I thought why not? (The yarn was meant for a striped blanket).

I made a granny square blanket. It's different but I liked it. I added a few of my own touches, white border w/the blue. Kind of a retro look to it. Not bad for 3 days work while watching my daughter too!

Okay, mission completed, she can go ahead and have the baby! :D

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