Marathon 26.2


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two of my favorite subjects...

The wedding was nice. I actually put our daughter in the nursery for the 1st time. She did extremely well. I was surprise how she just enjoyed herself. The ladies gave me a beeper in case I was needed. I was very nervous to say the least! I was the one who was having separation anxiety! It was a short but beautiful ceramony. After the ceramony, I checked on my daughter. She had realized I was no where to be found and was very upset. My husband and I decided it was time to go anyways. We ended the night with some takeout. It was a great night!

My daughter looked beautiful in her pink dress. The only picture I took was her in her car seat.

Started a new crochet project. A tank top. I have never crochet any clothes using the shell pattern. I used one of my favorite yarn, Caron soft yarn. I had to again modify the pattern because of the yarn and crochet hook I used. I finished the front piece today. I'm happy with it so far. Hopefully, it'll all fit when I'm done! I'll post a picture when it's completed.

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