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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mommy Story and The Fashion Top Completed!

My daughter does not like stuff animals. Usually she takes them and just throws them on the floor and that's the end of it.

Yesturday, while I was at the market I had to play the "drop and grab" game. It was calling me.

I only had 50 cents (No dollar bills and no other quarters). What the heck, since there are new stuff animals in the machine. I wasn't feeling very lucky, but the arm drops and I grabbed for a yellow "goofy" dog. It barely got the legs so I'm doubtful. Yes, it's going to make it. Score!

I'm like a big kid. I gave it to my daughter in the car and she just drops it on the floor! Oh well.

Later during the day, I see the dog in various places. I ask my husband if he moved it, and he said no. I actually saw her with the dog a few times. Now this morning, I put the dog next to my daughter and she was playing with it, if only for a few minutes! I love being a mommy...I have a great daugher :D!

Now on to crochet.....

Here's the completed project! I finished this on Saturday, day before Father's Day! (My husband laughs at me because I cropped my face out of the photo)! My "1st" again using THREAD! Size 3, Aunt Lydia thread! It was fun and I love the top. I love the look of thread and I love the stitch. I had to redo part of the back but no problem. Next time, I will make it in a medium. It's too small but that's okay. Another lesson for the books.

I purchased another set of knitting needles. 4.5. I was going to make an "easy" top. I looked through the book (SnB, Knitting) and started to cast on and even made several rows of knitting (purl too)! This project will have to be for another time. Knitting will take me too long!

My current project is the "lacy days of summer" top. I will probably make it into a baby doll top. I love how this top looks and what some of the other crocheters have made. It's an "experience" pattern so I was a little scared. It's taking me several tries to get it right, but I think I got it now. Take a look! Can't wait to finish this one :D!

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