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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blissful Top COMPLETE!!!

I'm happy to say again, that my Blissful top is COMPLETE. I've had some up and down with this top. I love the pattern. It was a relatively easy top to do. I did not like the bra top - too small and not enough coverage so I frogged the whole bra top and redid it. I made it a lot bigger, longer (added a few more rows around the waist) and wider (for extra coverage) and made the straps into 1 to go around the neck instead of 2 straps. I also added edging around the bra top and the sides in a aqua color (also by J & P Coats). See below.

I love the color. It's aqua from J & P Coats LusterSheen. I had traded some matrix yarn for 3 balls of this yarn (thread actually...). The 3 balls were not enough to complete the top. I searched high and low for this yarn in the same exact color but I could not find it. A very nice member of Crochetville had sent me 3 more balls of this yarn (which I used for the trim and the side) but the color was different. After some research, I found that what I had was discontinued but the RH Lustersheen was the same . Excited, I order the RH LS in mint from JoAnn's. When the yarn arrived, the colors did not match. I'm glad that I had not frogged the edging that I had previously started. After a few days, I decided to finish it anyways and buy new ribbons.

I am happier w/ the new ribbons and the blocking which made the top look better.

Here it is at last~

Front and Back:

And here's another photo which included my beautiful daughter :D

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Lesalicious said...

Great job on the top so cute. Love the color:)