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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adopted Cat

I took this photo yesterday. It's our neighbor's cat but she hangs out here most of the time. Yesterday, I saw her sleeping in our cooler! Smart cat, she was trying to stay cool in the 90+ temperature! She's sooo adorable. The neighbor's selling their home so I'll miss her when she moves.

We went blueberry picking yesterday. I really enjoyed myself. Hubby dropped me off while he had an errand to run. It was already hot hot hot at around 10am but I didn't mind. It felt so good to be outdoors and picking blueberries. It was great! Hubby got back 30 minutes later and my daughter and I walked around a bit. She even picked a few berries before she got stuck with some briars. After that, she was done and wanted me to hold her. I picked a few more berries holding her and then we hung out in the car waiting for hubby to finish picking his berries. I forget how much fun it is. I love eating food that are organic and buying fruit/vegetables from farmer's market or the farm. I hope the corn will be ready soon so I can buy a bunch from the farm.

I've started another crochet project. Still keeping in the theme of tanks/summer tops. I'm crocheting the monte rio shell from Crochet! Magazine. It's an easy crochet. I think I tend to make things harder than they are. Of course, I had to rip a few times because it didn't look right to me. I was actually doing it right but in my mind I was thinking it should look different. I tend to do that sometimes, over complicate things. I'm glad to say, it's coming along nicely.

I know I said that I don't like to start another project until I finish the last but...I did. I'm allow to change my mind! I also started a knitting project and it has some lace in it! I don't have enough yarn to complete the project so I went on line to order more. Go figure, JoAnn no longer carries that color! I did find it on ebay! I may have to put that project on hold and yet again start another if the yarn doesn't come in on time.


crochetgurl said...

awww such a cute kitty...i know exactly what you mean by overthinking...i am currently on my 3rd try at the lace section in juliet due to not being able to count correctly and thinking i could fudge 1 or 2 stitches...never realized how important math is in knitting...

what is the new knitting project that you are going to start?

p.s. i like your new layout!

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Hi crochetgurl! I love lace, don't you. They are a pain, the yo always messes me up! I think I may know how to do them now. I'm working on the coquette tub top.
Thank you, I was looking for a little change on my blog. :D