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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hot Days of Summer

It's going to be a scorching 100 degrees today! HOT HOT HOT. I bought a little pool for my daughter which we put on the porch. It's so cute to see her playing in her little pool. We really enjoy being on the porch, watching our daughter and looking out on the lake. Hubby and I use to get out of work early and get on the jet ski or the pontoon boat. Soon enough, we'll be able to take our daughter with us on the jet ski!

It's hard to believe I've been home for over a week, almost 2? Wow. I didn't get a chance to run in the road race but that's okay. I had a cold the 2nd day I was on vacation and it kind of put my running on hold. Besides, I think we were to come home. Next year, we'll plan for it and I'll have plenty of time to train for it.

I worked out for the first time in a long time this morning. I did about 30 minutes of Tae Bo. I had been doing some running (but sometimes life gets in the way, lazy or just busy). I need to get back into shape. Being pregnant sure does change your body! But, it's been almost 3 years since I gave birth so I can't use that as an excuse any more. No more excuses, I have to work out and get back into shape. I can do it! I have to stay motivated!

I lost some steam in my knitting. Maybe I'm feeling a little burnt out. I've been knitting so much. I'm still in the middle of a project though, I'm making the summer funnel sleeveless top from here: http:///
It's a cute top, I think part of it is the yarn. I realized that I don't enjoy using acrylic yarn anymore. Of course, I ordered a bunch of cotton yarn from JoAnn's. I think 5 colors in all (14 skeins). I also have some cotton yarn in my stash and some that I ordered from Elann's to try out. I want to jump into a new project but I know if I do, I will not finish my current project. I do not like to have unfinished project! So I'll force myself to finish this current one before I start the next. While I'm on the topic of knitting, when I returned from vacation I decided I wasn't happy with my lelah top. I think the elastic made it look too tight on top, so I ripped the elastic off. I still wasn't happy but I couldn't decide what to do. After almost a week, I decided it was time to finish it. I by-passed the straps and put 3 rows of ribbing on top. Now it's a perfect fit. I'm very very very pleased with it. It is so much better because I didn't' give up after countless try of trying to get it right! Anyways, here's my re-worked top!

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crochetgurl said...

the top looks great! nice to see you're back and posting...your blog is one of the regular ones that i frequent often...i know what you mean about acrylic yarn...when i made one of my newsboy caps, it felt a bit "squeaky" against my hook