Marathon 26.2


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

17 days to my first Half Marathon

I'm sitting here writing in my blog while my rice is cooking.  I am making spicy tuna rolls for dinner. I still need to prepare the crab meat but that can wait.  I am actually feeling good right now.  I hope I'm not being delusional but my swelling on the Achillies looking better and I'm not feeling any pain. It felt good walking on it.  I have been keeping  asorbine jr. on it most of the time.  I have been going easy on my training and took Tuesday off.

I purchased a new pair of sneakers last week.  The current pair I am wearing is not that old, maybe 3 months but I have run in the rain with them several times so I was concerned about the padding.  It is a good thing I took a closer look because the outer edges are worn.  I also looked at the other pair of sneakers I purchased several months back and they too seemed worn.  It's weird because I ran in them a few times on training and once in a 5k race.  I purchased them on line and honestly, I wasn't happy with that particular pair of shoes but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of sending them back.  In hind sight, I should if sent them back.  Next time, I will know better!

Today, I decided to do a light taping on Achilles before my run.  I did 40 minutes on the treadmill, again at only a slightly slower pace and no incline,  it still feels weird to run with no incline because I have run for so many years on a 3.5 incline and I wonder why I have Achilles pain!  To not further aggregate the leg, I took many short walk breaks.  It was a good run and no pain when I was done.  I still iced it for 20 minutes afterwards.  So far so good and I hope it will continue to improve.  Again, I hope I am fooling myself but I want to be happy and not depressed about the injury.  I am again getting excited about the race which is only 17 days away!!!!  Yeah!!:)

My exercise bike should be here tomorrow so I'll be able to do some cross training.

I'll keep posting about my training and progress on my blog!

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