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Friday, August 1, 2014

Training update and crochet too

New project:  In The Shade Top
I didn't blog anything last week.  I did all my runs on the treadmill last week.  4 training runs, with Monday and Tuesday running for total of 90 minutes each day with 1.5 incline.  On Thursday and Saturday, 60 minutes each day and 1.5 incline.  No long run last week...tapering off a bit to give the legs a rest.  This week, I have already completed my runs for the week.  50 minutes on the treadmill each day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Today, I did my long run outdoors at the trails.  (Today was my best bet to get my trail run, otherwise I would have to do the long run on the treadmill tomorrow)....

It was much cooler today but humid.  The weather cooperated and I did not get rained on!  I was able to run my furthest to date of over 11.5 miles!  The first mile started out good.  I have been going without my energy drink and energy candy for the last week or so because they were making me sick, od on caffeine!  I was getting tired at mile 2 and I wonder if it was because I was not running on fresh legs, having run 3 days in a row or/and the negative messages.  Anyways, I waited until mile 3 to take my energy gel.  Mile 4 was a bit of a struggle but I felt better running miles 5 and 6.  At mile 6, I had another energy gel.  I was thinking of the comic by oatmeal while I was eating my energy gel and it made me laugh and gave me energy to keep going!  I break the run up into 3 mile increments, which makes it more manageable in my head...I read in one of the blogs how it helps to break the miles up so it's not so overwhelming.  Around mile 6, I was thinking no problem, only another 3 miles then 2 more, I can do it!  My arms are more relaxed and I actually have a better running form.  Then I started to get more tired around miles 7 and 8 and I took some 30 second and 1 mile walk breaks.  Mile 10 and 11 were a little harder and I try think of some mantra in my head, "I have a lot of endurance", "smooth and easy", etc...  The last mile was tiring but having to get around some walkers, I actually picked up the pace to get around them!  I was so happy to finally be done and stop running!  Of course, it was a great accomplishment but I am glad to be done with the run!

I have been using my runkeeper to keep track of my distance.  I really like the app in that I can see how fast I run every mile and my total distance.  The last mile, the app stopped so I had to restart the last mile.

When I got home, I took a nice bath and iced down my Achilles.  After a nice meal, I am feeling better, back to normal.  I'm not sure if I will get another short run in on Sunday or call it good for the week.  I am kind of excited it's August because September is my FIRST half marathon.  :)

Now onto my crafts!  I had to put my crochet top on hold.  After getting 3/4 of the front done, the top is going to be too big so I started on another top, called "in the shade".  It is also a crochet pattern and I have completed the upper front and back portion.  Hopefully, I will be motivated to work on the top this weekend.

Top #1 (too big)

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