Marathon 26.2


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Training day: long run

I have been running off and on since high school.  I ran on my high school track team...not that I was an exceptional runner.  It has always been ingrained in me not to walk.  Walking was quitting and I have always believed this...until recently.  When I signed up for the half marathon, I had called someone who I knew ran half marathons.  She told me about Jeff Galloway and his run/walk/run method.  I told her "I just can't walk."  Well, dispute my self I still ended up buying a few of his e-books and a hard cover book.  I still like having the book in my hands...I'm old fashion like that!  I talked to hubby about this walking thing and he said it made sense to him and Jeff Galloway is an Olympian.

I have been training for my half marathon with walk breaks.  Not necessary to the extent he has suggested in his book but when I am tired or on a big hill, I will take a 30 seconds to 1 minute break, if necessary.  Yes, I do feel better afterwards and my running seems better.

Today, was my long training run.  12 laps, with each lap being over a mile.  It was a cloudy day but humid.  My water bottle leaked and left my shorts wet.  Yuck!    The first mile turned out to be challenging and I found myself  taking several walk breaks and I wonder how I was going to finish my 12+ miles and if my time was going to really slow!  The first 3 miles were overall challenging.  Around mile 4, I had a GU energy gel.  I had purchased a few boxes with different flavor and I must admit I enjoy the salted caramel flavor!  Yes, it actually tasted like caramel.  The next 3 miles went better.  Mile 7 was a bit tough and I tried to say my mantra, smooth and easy.  It did help.  After mile 8, I told myself only 4 more miles.  I can do it.  I realized around mile 10, I was kind of in the zone (not that I was feeling energetic or anything) but my feet kept moving!  It turned out to be one of my better miles.  I have only 2+ miles to go!  The last mile or so went well since I knew the end was in sight!   I must admit that I was very excited to be done.  According to my runkeeper, 12.85 miles!  Yeah, I decided not to push myself any further, though if I had to, I could of keep running until 13.1... I was drenched from my run but it was great to finish and stop running :).  As it turned out, even with all the walk breaks, my time was 15 second faster per mile than my long run last Friday!!!!

On the drive home, I did wonder if I was crazy to want to run a half marathon...but then I realize no, I'm not.  I feel a sense of accomplishment!  I feel good about myself.  It's good to have a goal to work towards.  I think that makes makes me grow as a person.

It felt great to get home, soak in the tub and ice down my Achilles.   Goal accomplished and less than 30 days to half mararthon race!

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