Marathon 26.2


Sunday, August 26, 2007


My current crochet project is called "blissful" from the Happy Hooker SnB book. I'm done with the lower half. I'm using thread that I received when I traded off the matrix yarn. It's a beautiful aqua color. The only problem, I'm not going to have enough to finish the whole top.
I've been searching the net and ebay but no luck on the color. I think it may be discontinued. No problem, I'll just improvise and use a different thread all together. I have a bunch of Luster Sheen that is similiar in color or use the Aunt Lydia thread. Gives me a reason to shop!

I just purchased 6 balls of the Aunt Lydia thread today. 3 balls of white and 3 balls of beige. The store was very limited in colors. It's so inexpensive and I like the way the thread looks when I'm making something w/ a lace look. I was surprised that with the pattern I'm using, it's going quite fast. For thread, it usually takes forever! No pictures to post at this time.

Life is back to normal since returning from my vacation. I really miss some the family members. I'm not as motivated in getting my crochet done! The weather's still in the 100s but we've been getting some rain, so it's more bearable. I love the rain. :D

I have a jasmine plant that my daughter received from her uncle on her B'Day. It's beautiful and the blooms are starting to blossom. Smells so beautiful. I'm looking forward to those nice comfortable fall days when I can sit on the porch w/ my daughter and husband on the swing and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of the flowers overlooking the peace and tranquility of the lake.
It's a great and wonderful life!

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