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Saturday, August 18, 2007

She's Officially 2 years old and My Short N' Sweet

My beautiful darling daughter is 2 years old! We had a great day with her on her birthday. We took her to the park even in the hot weather. She loved it! We also gave her an ice cream cake.

It was a great day for all of us! She's our pride and joy.

We just returned from our trip to New York! It was a short trip 5 days total. I finished the Short n' Sweet bolero on my trip up to NY. I had started the bolero after the lacy days of summer top. Half way through, I got bored with it. I was having a hard time with the pattern. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong! I later found out that there were errors in the pattern! Phew, it's not ME!!!! Yuppeee. After a week or so away from the bolero, I decided to finish it anyways. I was motivated by a member of Crochetville who had finished hers. After a short time away, I had to remember how to do the pattern again. I made some improvising because of the errors in the pattern. It doesn't look exactly like the book but I'm still happy with it over all.

I used Caron's SS yarn, which I felt was too thick. It was coming out too big, so I made it smaller. Again, the pattern is slightly different from that in the book, Happy Hooker's Stitch n' Bitch. It's something that I would wear. It's not my best work but I'm super happy it's done because the design was more difficult than what I was use to. I'm also glad I didn't tear everything out because the edging really added to the bolero.

Anyways, here's a photo of me wearing it. :D


Pyo said...

I like your version, I think I'll try with a thicker yarn too, you look beautiful in it!

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Thank you! :D I didn't think that people really looked at my blog!
I appreciate the Compliments!

Angela said...

I like your 'Short n Sweet', you did a great job! You never know who is looking at your blog do you?
Angela 'La Vonne' Best