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Friday, August 31, 2007

My WIPS (work in progress)

I've been at a stopping point with the Blissful top. I ran out of yarn. I didn't want to add another color. Lucky for me, a member of Crochetville is going to send me the yarn, free!

What a wonderful person. So...I'm going to wait for the rest to come in before I add the finishing touches to it. I'd like to put edging on the top and also I need to add few more rows to the back edges. Here it is so far....
I'll add details of the top when I'm completely finished and I'll also add a photo of the top from the book.
I also started making a doily. I have never had any interest in making one but lately I'm really into the pineapple pattern (inspired by the Victoria Secret Skirt obsession). I ordered the olivia pineapple skirt, which I really liked it and thought it would be a good alternative to the VS Skirt. My other thought was to make the skirt in the Amazing Lace book but it really wasn't exactly what I wanted. I'm happy to say that I started on my VS Skirt yesturday!~ I went out and bought more thread today. 5 more balls of the Aunt Lydia beige.

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