Marathon 26.2


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crochet Junkie

Another finished project, the halter top. Hurray! :D I was following the pattern using a yarn I thought was the right weight. After starting the project, I checked the gauge and realized it was wrong! Oh well, I decided to keep going and see what happens. I finished the bottom and couldn't quite get the top. I decided to improvise and make the top part into a halter, using a shell type stitch. Again, I'm happy with the results. The pattern is from http://www.flamingobay.blogspot. I'll just keep trying until I get it right... My next project will look similiar to that top.
Maybe I should change my blog name to crochet junkie!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Latest Finished Crochet Project

Here's my latest finished project. It's a vest I made with my first shell pattern. I'm happy with the results. It actually fits quite well. I got the idea from the crochet website. Someone had made this vest. I printed the pattern and modified a bit.

I'm always buying yarn I like. It's a good thing it's a fairly inexpensive hobby so far... When I start a new project, I find that I'm always modifying the pattern to the yarn size and crochet hook I use. Sometimes it works out!

My husband gave me a great idea. I sometimes use one of my tops and crochet to that size so it fits me just right! He's so smart :D

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two of my favorite subjects...

The wedding was nice. I actually put our daughter in the nursery for the 1st time. She did extremely well. I was surprise how she just enjoyed herself. The ladies gave me a beeper in case I was needed. I was very nervous to say the least! I was the one who was having separation anxiety! It was a short but beautiful ceramony. After the ceramony, I checked on my daughter. She had realized I was no where to be found and was very upset. My husband and I decided it was time to go anyways. We ended the night with some takeout. It was a great night!

My daughter looked beautiful in her pink dress. The only picture I took was her in her car seat.

Started a new crochet project. A tank top. I have never crochet any clothes using the shell pattern. I used one of my favorite yarn, Caron soft yarn. I had to again modify the pattern because of the yarn and crochet hook I used. I finished the front piece today. I'm happy with it so far. Hopefully, it'll all fit when I'm done! I'll post a picture when it's completed.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Day of the Wedding

This evening is the wedding. I had made the blue bolero for my dress but now I'm not even planning on wearing it! I've decided on a peach dress that is dressier. It's going to be a hugh wedding, 350 guests! Besides, it's in the high 90s today and it's just too darn hot for the bolero.
Oh well, I can always look at it with a sense of accomplishment and pride .
I'm looking forward to dressing my daughter up in a pink frilly dress along with her new shoes! She'll be sooooo beautiful. Okay, can you tell I'm a proud mother who loves to show off her daughter? I may have to post some pictures of her from the wedding....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Story behind the Baby Blanket I made

I started a baby blanket a while back but I didn't finish it. I got side tracked and worked on other projects. I really didn't like it after I was 3/4 of the way through...
Well, I figure I had lots of time. My sister in law's due date wasn't until May 30th to June 1st. No problem. On Monday around 8:30pm, I found out she could have the baby any day now! Okay, that's a problem. I have not started on the new baby blanket. I had this green/blue baby yarn I bought for another project but I thought why not? (The yarn was meant for a striped blanket).

I made a granny square blanket. It's different but I liked it. I added a few of my own touches, white border w/the blue. Kind of a retro look to it. Not bad for 3 days work while watching my daughter too!

Okay, mission completed, she can go ahead and have the baby! :D

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never Say Never...

Never say never. I never thought I would have my own blog! Here I am entering my first entry. I have a great day with my daughter. I'm in the process of starting a new crochet project. Always looking for that new project to stay busy...
I started a crochet a long, so far it came out awful. I'm not sure to keep going or start yet another project. I have several unfinished projects.

Finished my first bolero. I'm an amateur. I only started really crocheting about 6 months ago. (I attempted to make a blanket before that but my husband said it looks more like a hammock!)
My mother in law taught me how to do a granny square blanket and then I was hooked.
I crocheted 6 -7 blankets from Oct. to Dec. Then I got bored and made several shawls. My next project was a cardigan followed by vest (couldn't really get the sleeves...). Finally, I'm on to amigurumi. Love it, I belong to several web sites and I have learned so much.
I better take this time to start a new project while the baby's outside!